TU Alumni selected for The Amazing Race

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Sam Fowler – a 2011 Towson University graduate, international realtor and certified yoga instructor – was accepted as a competitor for the 29th season of The Amazing Race.

She was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, her friends and older sister had attended TU, this inspired her to do the same. After graduating from TU with a degree in nursing, she worked as a child psychiatric nurse for several years before becoming a yoga instructor.

“That’s something I always knew that I wanted, and to have such an incredible experience doing so at Towson University made it that much more special,” Fowler said. “Because I not only got my nursing degree, but I made incredible lifelong friends along the way.”

Fowler also has a passion for traveling; this passion led her into developing a love for the Island of Saint John. She would move there to expand her yoga practice.

Later, Fowler received a message from a CBS casting director, asking her to become a contestant in The Amazing race. While unable to give away certain details, Fowler did say that her experience was worthwhile, even though she would be deprived of any form of social media for a month.

One challenge that she expected was not knowing who her partner would be in the show, but she did have an idea as to who she wanted.

“In my ideal race partner, I’m looking for somebody with a really positive attitude,” she said. “The only way I would be let down in a partner if they were super negative.”

She also said she was hoping for a male partner and would help him in any way she can in order to win. She also brings to the table her mantra, which is “be fierce but flexible.” She lives by these words and encourages TU students to do the same.

“You can have this fierce work-driven mentality but also be open to the world, really present and experience it, because you never know what other doors are going to open for you.”

If you wish to see Fowler take on The Amazing Race, you can do so by tuning in to CBS and watching the show on Thursday nights at 10 p.m.






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